Alojamientos en iNMSOL

If you are travelling to  Granada as an iNMSOL student, and you need accommodation, we can help you! Contact us and we will find the option that best suits your needs. We can offer you accommodation in different types:


  • Host family
  • Shared flat
  • Hotel/hostel/private touristic apartment


Find below the general aspects that you should keep in mind if you want to book your accommodation.


General information about accommodation

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol will always act as an intermediary for accommodation services, since they are a complementary service to our main activity. iNMSOL students can request the accommodation reservation through our registration form. This form will act as a contract, that is why both parties agree to abide by its terms and conditions:


  • Reservations will not be confirmed until the school receives the prepayemt.
  • Accommodations may vary based on availability.
  • Students must request the accommodation reservations with time enough (minimum 1 week before arrival in Granada).
  • All arrangements will be made directly with the school. The school will manage everything with the owners, acting as an intermediary.
  • The student accepts the conditions of the chosen accommodation modality, and agrees to respect the rules of coexistence.
  • The student is responsible of the accomomodation keys.
  • The departure will always be before 12:00 noon.
  • The student will have a request form at their disposal for any question.
  • Students must make responsible use of water and electricity.

Before arriving in Granada, students will receive all the necessary information to prepare their trip. iNMSOL will send, together with the confirmation of the services, the following information:


  • Address, description and contact details of the accommodation
  • Information on how to get there by public transport
  • Information on how to get to school from the accommodation
  • Student guide, with all the information on accommodation and the request/suggestion process


On the other hand, students must inform iNMSOL in advance of the following:

  • Arrival time at the accommodation
  • Important allergies
  • Special needs


How to choose the accommodation dates

If you are registered in any of our Spanish and culture courses we will be able to advise you about how to plan your reservation. Reservation periods can be flexible, depending on the accommodation type:



This type of accommodation can be reserved for days: it means that you can select the exact days that you need. Our advise is, at least, to book from the night before the course starts (Sunday) until the morning after the end of your course (Saturday).


This accommodation must be reserved for full weeks. A week goes from the Sunday before the start of the course to the Saturday after the end of it. You can also add the extra nights of your choice.


For reservations of hotels, hostels or private touristic apartments, the reservation will be à la carte. In this case, the student will ask for the specific dates. Then, the student will receive the total cost of the proposed stay.


Please check our full contracting conditions by clicking here.


Are you a student accommodation provider?

If you want to participate in the experience of living with foreign students, please contact us! We will be happy to interview you and to visit your accommodation:

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol
Calle Enriqueta Lozano 17
CP 18009 Granada (España)
Ph. +34 958 225 169 / +34 958 293 732
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