Exam fees and registration process


SIELE exam fees vary depending on the type of exam, although the price is the same regardless levels. It is a multilevel exam. The candidate will obtain a certificate or report of the level they have achieved.


SIELE Global

For this type of exam, the price is:

Price of SIELE Global exam= 155€
Price of online preparation course = 50€



If you reserve and pay your SIELE Global exam in our school, we give you the online preparation course for free!




Independent modalities

For the rest of the exam modalities, the prices are as follows:

S1 exam = 55€
Online preparation course= 35€

S2 exam= 75€
Online preparation course = 35€

S3 exam = 100€
Online preparation course = 35€

S4 exam = 75€
Online preparation course = 35€

S5 exam = 100€
Online preparation course = 35€


We remind the candidates that SIELE prices do not depend on levels. Prices will vary depending on the exam type. It is different from the DELE exam.



Registration on SIELE exams

The candidate must register in person in our iNMSOL office:

  • Please bring your valid ID or passport
  • You will select the exam type and date
  • Pay and reserve your exam!


A few days after the registration, iNMSOL will provide the candidates with the online preparation course access.

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