4 lessons / day , 20 lessons / week

Minimum Duration:

2 weeks

Starting Dates:

Every Monday, from June 1st to August 3rd, 2020


From 1131€ (2 weeks stay), final price. No registration fee.



This course is planned for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old (both inclusive). You can choose among 2, 3 or 4 weeks and there are special starting dates.




Our Spanish courses for Teenagers in Granada (Spain) are the key to an unforgeatable linguistic holidays. Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, a city full of history and located in a unique environment.

Only 30 Km away from Sierra Nevada (the southern skii station in Europe) and 75 Km from the Tropical Coast.

Spanish courses for Teenagers in Granada (Spain) | iNMSOL


In Granada, apart from a happy and open lifestyle, you will find a delicious cuisine and plenty of interesting places to visit. You will get a full immersion in the language! You will be able to practise the Spanish language inside and outside the lessons. This will help you to improve your skills in Spanish, and soon you will live your daily life as a Spanish citizen.

Granada is the best place for a language stay when starting with a new language: you will discover a beautiful city and other students to share this unforgetable experience with.

Consequently iNMSOL offers you all this, effective learning in a perfect location.


Our Spanish courses for Teenagers in Granada

In our Spanish courses for Teenagers in Granada you will learn Spanish from the best and most qualified native teachers. We offer you a special program adressed to teenagers between 13 and 17 years old, both inclusive.

Equally, this program includes a wide range of activities and excursions to fulfill your training and improve the experience.

All our Spanish programs for Teenagers in Granada consist of the four language skills: listening, oral expression, reading comprehension and written expression.

Our teachers prepare the lessons entirely in Spanish from the first day. They develope a direct, situational and communicative method, seeking mental association between the object and the concept of the word in Spanish.


Description of our ‘XVI. Spanish course for Teenagers’

The ‘XVI. Spanish course for Teenagers‘ is one of the most demanded Spanish courses in Granada. Students between 13 and 17 years old who are keen on meeting the world and improving their Spanish language are the target of this course.

Certainly, a full immersion experience for teens who want to spend from two to four weeks learning and practicing Spanish together with other students of their same age.

You can choose among two, three or four weeks of course duration, by choosing from a concrete starting dates. Please contact the school to check different periods or durations.

>> Download our brochure and check our prices <<


Spanish courses for Teenagers in Granada (Spain) | iNMSOL


During the courses there is an excellent learning atmosphere, where students learn in a very relaxed way. Furthermore, the wide social programe offered benefits the immersion in the culture.

At the end of the course, each participant will receive an Attendance Certificate from iNMSOL.



Students are under surveillance during the full course

They will be accompanied from their arrival to the airport. As this course includes a SHUTTLE service (from Granada’s Airport)*, a person will pick the student up and will drive the student directly to the accommodation. This person is a proffesional driver who works with iNMSOL since 1993. At the end of the course, he will pick you up at your accommodation and will drive you to the airport.


* The transport organization (transfer service from the airport and transportation for the excursions) is carried out in collaboration with professional companies. All insurances and legal licences required are covered.



Accommodation for the teenagers during the Spanish courses

The ACCOMMODATION for this course is organized in HOMESTAY with full board. It includes three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in  and double room shared with another student. The other student will be of the same gender and age (3 years of difference tops).

Families designated to host students are carefully selected. As a result, they are reliable and they all have previous experience accommodating and dealing with foreign students. The deal with the students is very familiar making them be part of the Spanish customs. The possibility of immersion is excellent for the learning of the language.


The arrival of the stay will be the Sunday before the start of the course, and the departure will be on the Saturday, just after the end of the course. Any different arrival or departure will be reserved and paid in advance to the school.


Host families will accompany the students to the school on their first day of class.

This makes sure that they know their way back home. Anyway, families are always in touch with the monitors and the school, and they would communicate any incident inmediately.

As well, students must respect the host families rules, their habits and schedules for meals and arrivals. The timetables cannot be modified, just for any exception due to the course or activities organization. In this case, any exception will be communicate to the families and monitor in advance. In the event of a student’s delay, he/she must inform the host  family immediately and justify it.

Participants’ tutors will receive in advance, before the coruse starts, the address and the host family description. As well, the Spanish family will have also all the information about the participants who are going to live with them before their arrival: nutritional habits, possible allergies, 24 hour telephone number for emergencies, “curfew” for night outings and other relevant information.


Supervisor all the course long

Our Spanish courses for Teenagers include a SUPERVISOR during the course. The supervisor will be in charge of monitoring the student’s stay and look after them. His/her role will be:

  1. Being the point of reference for the students. Therefore there will be an initial meeting the first day of the course to know each other and to explain how the programme works.
  2. Controlling the attendance to the lessons and activities of the compulsory daily program, making sure that the students are benefiting from the classes and behaving appropriately in them.
  3. Overseeing the curfew time. The supervisor will be in touch with the host families. He/she will be available 24/7 on the mobile phone number and families will inform him/her if there is any delay at nights.
  4. Being available 24/7 on the mobile phone number to attend any emergency (exclusively).
  5. Interviewing the students regularly to verify that, both in the course and in the accommodation, everything goes well.


Features of our Spanish courses for Teenagers in Granada

First of all, before the course start, students will undergo a LANGUAGE TEST. This test, together with a oral test at arrival, will determine the level of Spanish in order to join the most suitable group.

As well, each participant will have a STUDENT CARD, to obtain discounts in various shops (restaurants, book shops, fitness centres, shows…)

The method of the INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE OF 4 lessons / day is totally adapted to their needs. The small groups create a friendly environment between participants and teacher. It makes more natural and inductive the learning of Spanish.

To enhance the learning experience there is a compulsory DAILY PROGRAMME OF CULTURAL AND LEISURE ACTIVITIES. This program is organized by the school and carried out by our staff. These activities take place in the afternoon, after lunch time, and assitance in mandatory.


Programme of cultural and leisure activities

In order to improve the learning experience we also offer daily cultural and leisure activites. A customized programme organized by iNMSOL teachers and staff. Activities will be held in the afternoon, and they will be guided by our teachers or a professional guide.

Some of the programmed activities are:

  • Cultural guided tours: Granada main quarters, historical areas of interest, etc.
  • Themed workshops: about music, history, literature, current Spanish young people situation, etc.
  • Grammar tutorials (1 / week of 45 minutes): once a week, there is an extra grammar lesson, in which students have the possibility to go through the most difficult points of the Spanish grammar.

The programme is completed with one EXCURSION** PER WEEK to cities and places of high touristic interest in Andalusia: La Alpujarra, Córdoba, the Costa Tropical or Úbeda & Baeza.


Spanish courses for Teenagers in Granada (Spain) | iNMSOL


**  In the event that the group of students does not meet the minimum required by the organizing agencies, iNMSOL will organize alternative leisure activities. These activities will take place one day during the weekend, without any extra cost for the students.


Points to consider…

  • Participants will be able to use the extra service offered by the school: free internet and WiFi access, library, loan material service (books, DVDs).
  • Parents must authorize and inform iNMSOL if the students decide to participate  in any course, excursion or activity that does not concern our school.
  • It is necessary for students to bring their own medical insurance, the European card or a private insurance. If required, our school can arrange a medical insurance for the duration of the stay.
  • There are iNMSOL Behaviour and Conduct Rules for minors, that the school will provide to both parents and participants before the arrival. Students and tutors must accept these rules in order to enroll in our courses.
  • If participants will not comply with them, their parents will be informed. Consequently, iNMSOL will take all the necessary steps according to the seriousness of behaviour.


How to enroll in our ‘XVI. Spanish course for Teenagers’

The father, the mother or the legal tutor will register the students:

  • The inscription will be done through our online registrarion form >> Register now! 
  • The online form will show the personal details of the student, as well as the desired course dates.
  • In order to confirm the registration, it will be necessary to make a prepayment of 100,00€ through wire transfer or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).
  • Once the participants send the registration form and the prepayment, iNMSOL will send the official course confirmation and additional information regarding the course.

We are at your entire disposal to resolve any questions that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, our team will be glad to help you!

Feel free to contact us by email on info@inmsol.com.


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