Description and starting dates

  • There is not registration fee in our Spanish courses in Granada, spanish at iNMSOL
  • Every Spanish lesson has a duration of 45 minutes.
  • The Spanish lessons take place from Monday to Friday, except bank holidays. The school will be closed on the following national holidays: 1st January, 28th February, Good Friday, 1st May, Corpus Christi Day, 15th August, 12th  October, 1st November, 6th December and 25th December. If there are two bank holidays in the same week, the school will be closed only oneClasses these days are not recovered (except for individual courses and group stays) and no refunds are made. You can check our bank holidays 2019 by clicking here.
  • Spanish classes in Granada iNMSOL will be timetabled either in the morning or in the afternoon / evening, taking into account the meal time when the participant is at a home-stay accommodation with full board.
  • The classes will be carried out entirely in Spanish from the first day and in any level.

  • Spanish school provides the participants (as a loan service) with all the necessary teaching material during the course.
  • The maximum number of participants per class is 8 and the minimum, 2. If the minimum number cannot be reached, the participants will receive a 50% of the lessons in an individual way and without paying the difference of the price, always taking care of the participant, following these rules:
    • Spanish Course of 20 lessons in group shift to 10 individual lessons.
    • Spanish Course of 25 lessons in group shift to 13 individual lessons.
    • Spanish Course of 30 lessons in group shift to 15 individual lessons.
  • 5th and 6th lessons:
    If the participant is the only one who has 5th and 6 th lessons, the lessons change as follows:

    • 5 lessons in group shift to 3 individual ones
    • 10 lessons in group shift to 5 individual lessons

In any case, the participant has not to pay the difference of price.

Come to Spain to learn Spanish and get a lot of benefits from the power of immersion. Full immersion in Spanish society means that you get that kind of practice constantly, so there’s no better way to get good quickly.