These Extensive Spanish courses consist of 2 lessons per day for 2 days a week, and they are designed for those students who cannot attend a daily class for study or work reasons: the courses include 4 weekly lessons with a combination of communicative grammar and conversation / vocabulary, including oral and writing practice. These lessons will be held in 2 days.

All the 4 skills are covered in the course:

  • Listening
  • Oral expression and interaction
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written expression and interaction

Levels of Spanish

  • Level A1 (Elementary): users exchange brief information with questions and answers, within a clear and concrete communicative context.
  • Level A2 (Basic): users understand, communicate and express themselves in spoken and written Spanish, using a simple language in daily situations and cultural aspects.
  • Level B1 (Intermediate): users understand and are able to express themselves in communicative contexts, in their everyday life, knowing how to solve problems by themselves.
  • Level B2 (Advanced): users understand and express themselves in general situations where there is an exchange of information. They express personal attitudes on subjects that are familiar for them or which they are interested in, and they speak about their experiences too.
  • Level C1 (Superior): users understand and express themselves in different situations with complex linguistic structures – still controlled -, with fluency and in a spontaneous way.
  • Level C2 (Proficiency): users express themselves in a suitable form in any situation, controlling linguistic and cultural elements of a native speaker and discerning meaning nuances.


Starting dates: any week throughout the year.

Minimum duration: 1 week

Lessons duration: 45 minutes

Location: calle Enriqueta Lozano 17 (Granada)

Schedule: course hours and days are subject to availability of the school, according to the levels and the number of students at the time of registration.

Price: 55€ per week. Final price. Registration fees are included on the price.

Activities: weekly activities program and weekend excursions.


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