Programme of activities

Get to know the programme of activities we offer you in the Spanish courses for groups in Granada of our Spanish school iNMSOL.



Together with the course and the accommodation, a fundamental part of the stay is the programme of daily activities. This is established between the organizing teachers and our institute before the arrival. Depending on the type of activity, these are realized either by the teachers of our center or by professional sector guides.

iNMSOL proposes a huge variety of daily activities, some of them included in the course price and others that have an extra cost.

Daily activities (included in the course price):

  • Seminars on literature, art, history, etc. of Spain and Latin America.
  • Discussions and debates about topical issues of Spanish world.
  • Literature workshop with monographic study of different authors and its productions.
  • Spanish or Latin American music workshop.
  • Series of Spanish Cinema with screening of the most current film directors last productions.
  • Guided tour to the Albaicín.
  • Guided tour to the Sacromonte.
  • Guided tour to the city center.
  • Guided tour to the Realejo neighbourhood.
  • Guided tour to Carmen de los Mártires.
  • Culture seminar and visit to the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo.
  • Visit to the José Guerrero Museum.
  • Graffiti route.
  • Famous Grenadian characters statues route.
  • Tearooms afternoon.

Extra activities (additional cost):

  • Visit to the Federico García Lorca House – Museum in the Huerta de San Vicente. Price 5.00€ / student.
  • Visit to Cartuja Monastery. Price 5.00€ / student.
  • Visit to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel. Price 8.00€ / student.
  • Visit to the Manuel de Falla House – Museum. Price 5.00€ / student.
  • Visit to the Alhambra and Generalife. Price 35.00€ / student.
  • Visit to the Parque de las Ciencias and the Planetarium. Price 9.00€ / student.
  • Visit to the Historical Memory Museum of Andalucía. Price 5.00€ / student.
  • Flamenco performance. Estimated according to the number of students.
  • Tapas route/tasting. Price 12.00€ / student. It includes 3 consumptions.
  • Churros con chocolate tasting. Price 4.00€ / student.
  • Turkish bath, including bath and massage, for a minimum of 15 students and a 2 hours duration approximately. Price 25.00€ / student.
  • Guided tour to the Granada Cemetery. Price 10.00€ / student.

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