If you come to study with iNMSOL we offer you nothing but advantages. We provide you with our arrival and departure transfer service. We pick up the group at the airport and bring it to the accommodation the day of its arrival, and vice versa for the departure day.



iNMSOL can organize, if the group requires it, a transfer service from the indicated airport to Granada. This service is carried out in the following way:

  • Transfer from the airport to Granada: at the arrival, a person of the group will accompany to the bus and pick up the group at the airport, making sure that everything has gone well. He will then take it to Granada where the students will go with the corresponding families.
  • Transfer from the city to the airport: a person of the school will make sure that all the students are at the meeting point from where they will leave to the airport. The companion won’t go to the airport with the group.
  • All the transfers are carried out by private bus contracted with sector companies.

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