Agua de febrero, llena el granero

What does this saying mean?

Agua de febrero, llena el granero, means “good omen”, especially in the rural environment and related to harvest. In Granada and in Spain, in general, the agricultural tradition provides many sayings of this type.

In other words…

“Cuando llueve en febrero, se llena el granero”, it is used to see the positive side of all the rains (February water) that are given this month.


Agua de febrero, llena el granero

Where does the saying come from?

For traditional culture, the month of February , marks the mid-point of winter in which it is possible to evaluate its hardness. On the other hand, we can see the beginning of spring and the expectations of the new year. In February, the growing hours of sunlight and the beginning of the new agricultural cycle are celebrated. This gives rise to many celebrations, such as the  Candlemas or the Carnival.


For this reason, the climate in February is very important.

In this case, it tells us that if it rains in February, the harvests will be more abundant, and we can fill our pantry!

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