El tiempo todo lo cura

Sometimes we feel sad, alone, tired of situations that happen every day and very often, facts or people hurt us that remain for a long time. But IMSOL offers you today a saying widely used by everyone: “time heals everything”. Let’s see what it means since it works when we live these moments.

There are problems or situations that only resolve over time. In particular the saying refers to moral evils, such as those caused by love, not just physical ones.

It is true that, when time passes, pain is relieved because it is our travel companion and not an enemy as we can think. Haste is never a good advisor, problems take time to resolve, as well as disaffection, in fact, all the energy we had shed on the person we lost needs a new goal. Even broken dreams take time, because the brain has to develop new plans and solutions, the same goes for losses, because we have to learn to find a new space for our love.

Time has the task of finding a place for thoughts, emotions and people. It is what teaches us that nothing is forever, that everything happens, both good and bad things, and that from a quieter perspective everything looks better. Time helps us mature and see things from another point of view to learn and grow.

Time heals everything

Time is a great healer, it heals everything: give yourself time. It is not a passive time, marked by the movement of the hands of the clock, but an active time, made of action and reflection. A time where calm reigns to return to work and find a positive side even in negative experiences. A time to let go, but still walking and helping when no one else can.

Give yourself much more time to feel better!

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