Eyes are the window of the soul

The sight and the gaze are close to our mind and consciousness more than the other senses and for this reason they express a component we are aware of. We know how and why we are looking at someone in a certain way, while other aspects of our body language can be hidden. In many traditions, the eye represents “the window of the soul”; this means that it immediately reflects our emotions, our fears, and our deepest emotive shades. “Look me in the eyes!”, it is said when we do not want to lose any of the messages a person’s gaze send us. A look worth thousands of words and actually, we our eyes we do not just look at something, but we communicate to everybody our state of mind and we reveal our character. So, in this moment, the direction of our gaze, its intensity, its movements and many other features become significantly important, and they collaborate to project ourselves in the outside world.

Other Proverbs

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