Preparation Method:

The Salmorejo is avery common starter in Andalusía, made by tomatoes, bread (normally from the day before) extra-virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar. (And if you want to make it a little bit more strong you can add some garlic).
The preparation is very simple and fast and the ingredients are:
1 kg of tomatoes (better ripe).
200 grammes of bread.
0.25 litre of oil.
Sal and vinegar as required.
Garlic as you like.
Regarding the traditional preparation, put the sliced bread in the electric beater together with the liquid ingredients to make the bread absorbed. Add the mixture the peeled tomatoes (cut in four), the garlic and the salt. Once you have all the ingredients you need to adapt it and make it more liquid. (You can achieve it by adding more bread or oil).
At the end you just need to put the bowl in the fridge and wait it to cool.. within a couple of hours you will have a perfect Cordovan Salmorejo. And that’s it.. isn’t that simple?
This a very satiating, cheap and nutritious recipe and the best moment to taste is during the summer because it is served as a cold plate.. 
Its consistency is as a thicken sauce and it can be accompanied with other ingredients like eggs, serrano ham and fried bread..
Regarding its origins it can be considered as an humble and popular dish of the poor people such as peasants and shepherds ..
We must consider that there are differencies between the preparation of the Andalucian gazpacho and the Salmorejo too, because they can be considered similar due to their similarity.. (besides they both have the typical red colour due to the vegetables used).
El Salmorejo is basically a mix of water and oil and its final texture (due to the crumb of the bread) is more similar to a creamy mayonnaise, while the Gazpacho it is a simple mix of vegetables. 
Referring to its nutritious contribution of 70 kcal/100ml, the Salmorejo is a complete and very healty foodstuff, due to the huge presence of tomates and olive oil that contribute with vitamines and natural antioxidants.
Here there’s the complete recipe! Enjoy it : )
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