Preparation Method:

Today we’re going to present one of the most typical dishes that started its tradition in the city of Córdoba, and then became known in many cities of the country. Let’s move to the recipe:

1. Spice up the pieces of meat with salt and pepper

2. Use a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil, coat the pieces with flour and start cooking them.

3. When all the pieces are golden coloured, put them out and, in the same pan, add the onion, the garlic’s cloves and the red pepper (cut into big pieces).

4. Add the bay’s leaves, the carrots cut into julienne strips and the ginger and let all the ingredients mixing together.

5. Add the pieces of meat and cover up with wine and soup.

6. Cover the pan and let it cooked at low temperature for 3 hours.

7. Take out the meat and check if it is well cooked and tender (it is important to separate the meat from the bone).

8. Take out the meat and be sure that the sauce has become quite thick (if not let it cooked a little more in a different pot).

9. Serve the bull’s tail cover with sauce and add, if you want, a side dish: french fries, vegetables, roasted potatoes,etc.