Preparation Method:

Today , at the beginning of Holy Week , we will see a typical Spanish dessert  of these festivities. There are many to choose from, but we decided to show you one of the simplest , so everyone can prepare it easily. Let’s see it!
1. Let the milk boiling with the cinnamon stick and lemon zest .
2. In a bowl beat the eggs , sugar , flour and cornstarch. Add the milk,pouring boiling and simmer for about 5 minutes until it starts to curdle .
3. If you see you that it needs more cornstarch diluted, add it in milk until a thick dough.
4. Place dough in greased pan in butter and let cool a few hours in the fridge.
5. Put plenty of oil to fry , cut portions , cover them with flour and egg and fry .
6. Sprinkle over cinnamon, icing sugar and serve.
7. Accompany , if desired, with vanilla ice cream .
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