Preparation Method:

The “torrija“, or “tostada“, is a typical celebrations sweet, usually of Lent and Holy Week in Spain. It consists of a slice of bread (usually of several days ) that is soaked in milk or wine with honey and spices, and , after being battered in egg , fried in a pan with oil and flavored with various ingredients. It is a food of humble origin and its use is customary in Lent , when Catholics stop eating meat.
  1. Part the ​​bread in slices of two inches thick .
  2. Put soaked in warm milk , just over half of sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon stick .
  3. Beat eggs and prepare a dish with something half cinnamon and the remaining sugar .
  4. After soaked the torrijas in milk, pass them through the egg and fry in plenty of oil .
  5. Cover them with cinnamon and sugar
Good lunch !
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