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Behaviour and Conduct


Click here to download our behaviour form for minors.


  • Participants must accept and respect laws and rules of the destination country and town; and they should try to adapt to local habits and customs.
  • The Spanish law does not allow people under 18 years old to drink alcohol and consumption of drugs is forbidden. Participants who break any of these rules will be excluded from the Course for Teenagers and will be sent home.


  • Our school will only admit participants who accept the normal rules of cohabitation and behaviour in hostfamily.
  • Participants will have to behave correctly and respectfully with the host family in which they will stay.
  • Participants will respect habits and costums of their hostfamily and also the meals timetable and “night-outing curfew”, being impossible to change them, except for activities organized by the school, that will be previously communicated.
  • The “night curfew” is 24.00, including week-ends.
  • If for any reason participants are late, they must call their family and explain the reason for their delay.


  • Participants will have to follow the class schedule and the programme of activity timetable organized by the school.
  • They will have to be in the school punctually, clothing appropriately.
  • They will have to bring their own pens, notebooks, etc. and they will have to respect the teaching material given by the school.


  • iNMSOL is not responsible for behaviours that do not comply with our rules and / or the current legislation in Spain, in the Comunidad Autónoma (Andalusia) and in the town where the stay takes place.
  • If participants do not comply with these rules, they will be excluded from the programme and will be sent home. All the expenses caused by the participants’ behaviour (damage compensations, fines…) will be satisfied by themselves and / or by their parents or legal guardians.
  • The expulsion of any participant implies the loss of any right to receive any kind of refund.


  • iNMSOL takes the responsibility for participants in the following cases:
    • During the lessons and the time spent in the school.
    • During the activities organized by the school.
    • During the meals and the time spent with hostfamilies.
    • During the excursions programmed by the school
  • iNMSOL WILL NOT assume any responsibility for Complementary Courses (programmes, timetable, activities etc.) participants can follow. The company or people who organize them are supposed to take full responsibility for participants during their courses.

The very fact of enrolling and attending a course implies the acceptance and fulfilment on the part of the participant of all the Information and General Conditions included in these pages.
Instituto Mediterráneo Sol s.l. reserves the right to change or modify anything expressed in these pages whenever there is a justified reason for doing so.

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