Party pooper


The meaning of “spoilsport” refers to anyone who spoils the party or merriment in any way. It is used to refer to anything that disturbs the festive situation. According to the definition of the Royal Spanish Academy, a party-pooper is “a person who disturbs any fun or merriment“.


Although many people are unaware of this fact, the origin of this expression has to do with rain, and it makes perfect sense. We imagine an outdoor party, which can be held in winter as well as in summer. Suddenly it starts to rain, and what happens? The rain “water” has ruined the “party” and the party is cancelled. This is the origin of the expression aguafiestas, which is used many times. There are other expressions in Spanish that are difficult to understand the meaning of, but with aguafiestas it is more than clear.

Examples in Spanish

  • Don’t be a killjoy;
  • Suddenly this kind and generous owner appears as a restrictive spoilsport who seeks to spoil the pleasure of others;
  • I don’t want a spoilsport, but the way out is up;
  • Christianity has gained a reputation as a killjoy;
  • The party’s about to start, don’t be a killjoy.
  • Have you ever been told you’re a killjoy?
  • If you want to be a killjoy, why don’t you tell him yourself?
  • Tell your boyfriend I’m a killjoy.
  • You’ve become a party pooper about Halloween.
  • I didn’t want to be a spoilsport.
  • That’s my husband… a killjoy.
  • Your friend is a buzzkill.
  • You know, you’re really starting to be a buzzkill, dude.
  • I’d be a buzzkill if I walked the train now.
  • The meeting was going smoothly until the killjoy spoiled it by starting to make absurd remarks.
  • The spoilsport he used to be has not completely disappeared.
  • The killjoy essentially spoiled the party when he turned off the music because he didn’t want to disturb the neighbours.Aguafiestas


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