Course feedback – Spanish school in Granada – Betül Ünsever

"I stayed in Granada for 4 months. I admire the city and the school. The teachers are very good and are good trained. When I went to the school, I couldnñt speak Spanish, after 4 months of training I learned very well. I didn´t think I could learn a language in 4 months, but it´s possible in the school, thank you for everything teachers. The classes are playful and fun. The books that you need can be obtain at the school. There are a lot of films and books, which you can bring to your home and watch. They also organise trips to other cities. There are lessons with free additional. One time a week there are lessons about art, cinema, historie. The teachers helps us with every subject. I met people from different countries. I did not need to visit other cities, because the world seems to be Granada, people can find the world in Granada. I would go back there again. They welcomed me very well the first day and, although i did not know Spanish, I didn´t had any problems. I could say so much more, but in generel everything was perfect. My advise is to stay longer to get to know the Spanish culture" 


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