Course feedback – Spanish school in Granada – Fatma Idin

"I was in Granada for about 10 days. I can tell you that it was really good experience. I wish I had been able to stay there much longer. Being in Spain, in Granada makes you speak Spanish from the first moment you are there. I took intensive Spanish courses four hours a day. The first two hours were based on speaking, and the other two were based on grammar. The classes were fun. The teachers were really helpful and friendly. However, you can experience the best Spanish learning in the street, with friends in and out school. I shared a flat with two other friends from other countries and we communicated in Spanish most of the time. They were really nice people, friendly and helpful all the time. Our flat was in the city center and ten minutes to the school. It was well furnished, clean and safe. As to my classmates, they were really fun. We always encouraged each other to speak Spanish. We met after school, organized short trips in and out town, went dancing after school. In Granada you can always find something to do. There are historical places like Alhambra and the Cathedral. If you are interested in flamenco, you can enjoy Sacramonte. You can shop. There are nice stores. You can go out to tapas bars, where you buy a drink and get free starters. Eating out is quite reasonable. You can cook and eat at home as well. Don't worry about the transportation. Actually, you can walk everywhere or take the bus. If you like travelling, you can easily go to other cities at weekends. You can take a coach to Cordoba, Seville etc. at the bus station or take a train. The school organizes excursions to those places at weekends and on holidays as well. For example, I went to Alpujarras. It was fun because I was together with my friends and it was good to have a guide (one of the teachers accompanied us). If you check the bulletin board at school, you can get information about excursions, trips and daily activities such as going to the cinema, tapas bars or museums."


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