Course feedback – Spanish school in Granada – Ilknur Aksu

"I went Granada for 5-6 time via Imsol. I think they are  very professional. I found Imsol through the website of  Cervantes and lots of  times I've been in Granada via Imsol. For the next times lots of my friends went  to Granada and they liked very much both of them Imsol and  Granada. Especially  in summer season the school is mostly very crowded and the age range differs  from... But everytime I found a friend at my age and I had  lots of friends and  we still see each other for years.. For the first 2 visits  I 've stayed with a  spanish family and I liked them. The family was very warm,  the cooks are  fantastic and the house was very clear. And also stil communicating with them. For the other visits I've stayed in a flat with students and they were great  too. We were getting on well, at nights we went out  together, we had traveled together and seeing each other too.The school is doing a leveling exam to define your language  level and they put you a conviniet class based on that exam. If the students' age is very small, they put them within a separate class with their own  teachers. Every day of the week they arrange another activity. City  trips, tapas route, cinema day, musical activity, history of spain etc.The teachers are fantastic and they are very good at communicating. And the activities are made by the teachers. These activities are  free. I’ve joined every one when I was able to and don’t miss them. In the weekend Saturday and Sunday they have trips to another cities. Sevilla, Cordoba, Costa Tropical, Alpujarras, Cadiz, even Morocco. These are with fee.But cheaper than the other tours.The guides graduated from Historical sciences and they are working  with students for years, and they are explaing all these things in our level. There are different courses about guitar, flamenco, skiing, parachute, diving, etc etc. Especially flamenco, latin dances are popular between students and they are very entertaining.The city is beatiful and cheap and easy to survive. Student houses generally in the city centre and close to school. And these houses contain everything to live with."


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