We are glad to present you the Flamenco festival by MILNOFF 2023.

From September 13th to 16th, the fourth edition of the MILNOFF flamenco festival is taking place here in Granada. The city streets will be filled with flamenco dancing and singing to entertain both fans and the curious. iNMSOL students will enjoy the festival performances as part of the program of organized activities.

MILNOFF 2023 Festival

This is a popular event in which artists from across the flamenco art scene will perform. The MILNOFF festival brings with it a lot of history as it is directly inspired in the “Primer Concurso de Canto Jondo” that took place in the Alhambra and in which prominent figures such as Manuel de Falla and Federico García Lorca participated.

The main objective of this socio-cultural event is to actualize and popularize flamenco. The festival enhances the city of Granada with a roster of artists who are local, or otherwise bound by strong ties to our city.

Lele Montoya and Juan Carmona opened the festival with their concert in the municipal theater “La Chumbera”. Then. Nazaret Reyes followed them at “La Platería.”

Guests for the next few days are:

  • La Fabi, Mara Rey, Curro Carrasco, Juan Grande y Zambullo
  • Pepe Torres
  • Antonio Heredia ‘El chontico’ y su grupo, Sara Heredia, Marta Iglesias, José Cortés el Indio, Yolanda Cortés, Esmeralda Rancapino
  • José de Pinos, Paco Fernández, Morenito HIjo y Benito Bernal.

You can look at the diary program of the festival on the official website.


We hope you will enjoy!

MILNOFF performance flamenco festival 2023

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