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Granada host of the two 2023 European Meetings

From July 1, 2023, Spain holds the title of presidency of the European Union.

There is to know that according to the laws of the EU, the presidency alternates between member countries every six months. Because of this important institutional role, Granada will be the host of the two European meetings of 2023.  We at iNMSOL are keen to give you all the information about this major cultural event.

What the European meeting is all about

From Oct. 4 to 6, the city will be transformed not only into the epicenter of European politics, but also into a center of global attention: heads of state and government will set the strategic agenda that will govern Europe in the coming years and discuss issues such as the Union’s geopolitical decisions.

Specifically, there will be 52 envoys from the 47 countries participating in the European meetings 2023 in Granada.

Where will this European meeting be held?


Given the high number of expected participants, the European Council will be at the Federico García Lorca auditorium.

2,000 journalists from around the world will be present to ensure the dissemination of information, and in addition, european televions will broadcast the event.

Restrictions in the city during the European meeting 


With the aim of ensuring the security of the city, 2,000 members of the Police will be on duty.

Moreover, the city has expected a three-day total ban on visiting the Alhambra and the closure of Granada Airport.  An additional monument as significant to the city as the Cathedral will remain closed.

Notably, the Alhambra was chosen as the location to receive a cultural tour and dinner for guests on October 5.

As one can imagine, due to the importance of the event, city transit will suffer some considerable limitations.

The areas where there will be more traffic restrictions  will be the places where the meetings will be held. Therefore the areas included between the Palace of Congresses and the Alhambra. You can rest assured, though, guys: you can walk almost everywhere.


We leave you here a map with all the data and traffic information to consult in detail the affected areas of the city and know how to get around during the days of the event.



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