University entrance courses: Selectividad EBAU preparation

iNMSOL offers special Selectividad EBAU preparation courses for the University entrance exam in Andalusia. They are designed for foreign students who want to start University and are looking to:



Our special Selectividad EBAU preparation program will help you with:

1. Your level of Spanish

What level of Spanish do you need? The higher education demands a minimum level of Spanish of B1 or B2. iNMSOL will prepare a program adapted to your starting level. And this will help you to reach the level to start higher education in Spain. We will provide you with the SIELE exam that you can use to certify your Spanish level.

2. The subjects of the EBAU test

Our teachers will guide you in the subjects you will have to examine in the EBAU exam. Selectividad EBAU is a complete program with which you will obtain all the necessary tools for the University entrance exam in Andalusia.


Preparation courses for EBAU

Guarantees of quality

iNMSOL offers you all the guarantees of quality in the teaching of Spanish, as per our Instituto Cervantes’ accreditation. It means that our teachers and methodology comply with the high quality standards. And this will be reflected in your progress!

We use a direct, situational and communicative method of teaching, only in Spanish. You will study vocabulary and grammar in a contextual way. Teachers will put emphasis on the students’ participation, both in the oral and in the written production.


Validation with ECTS

If the student requests it in advance, it will be possible to add the validation of university credits (ECTS) to their program. This procedure is possible thanks to the agreement between iNMSOL with UCAM and the AEEA.

Preparaion for University


Prepare for EBAU with iNMSOL!