tarasca-1The Tarascan is a paganish celebration and the first of the week processions of the Corpus Christi of Granada. A fashion model who dressed according to the latest tendencies of fashion walks streets of the center of Granada in his dragon offering a peculiar spectacle. For the designers of Granada it is a great honor to be able to dress the most famous model of the city, although not a year goes by without creating much controversy and different types of criticism.

Do you know the saying: “are you dressed worse than the Tarascan”?

Legend say that the Tarascan was a mythological creature, a kind of dragon with six legs similar to those of a bear, who lived in the French Tarascon in Provence. The monster terrorizes the villagers and destroys their homes and fields. The army of that town many times tried to kill the monster, but his effort always ended without success. Until one day a woman, named Santa Marta charmed the beast with her prayers, tamed it and climbed on it. The inhabitants attacked to the creature, which died. Thanks to this fact, many people accepted the religion of Santa Marta, Christianity.

In an authentic parade the Tarasca is presented accompanied by the giant-headed carnival figures and the giants on Wednesday May 25 at 12:00, and Thursday as part of the procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

Do not miss the parade this year if you want to be in the latest fashion!

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