Essential places in Granada

We present you a unique space in which we will show you essential corners of our land, places that in your visit to Granada you should visit, and that in many occasions, they do not appear in the usual guides.

In iNMSOL we like that visitors to our land appreciate every corner of Granada, both well known and less known places, but all of them with a unique charm. Keep reading these lines and fall in love with Granada.

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Sierra Nevada

With the first cold snap and the first snowfall of the season this weekend, the ski resorts of the Sierra Nervada have announced their opening dates. Most of the slopes such as Espot Esquí, Port Ainé, Sierra Nevada, Baqueira Beret, Ordino Arcalís will open the last weekend of November, more precisely between the 26th and…

The Catholic Monarchs: 500 years in the Royal Chapel of Granada

10 November 2021 marks 500 years since the burial of the Catholic Monarchs in the Royal Chapel. In the city of Granada, in 1492, the unification of the kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula culminated, initiating the integration of the modern state of Spain. It was from Granada that the Atlantic expansion of the Empire towards…


Sacromonte: a must-see neighbourhood in Granada History The history of Sacromonte neighbourhood begins with the capture of Granada and the decree of expulsion of the Moors and Jews signed by the Catholic Monarchs in the 16th century. The area of the Albaicín soon became practically empty and, as a result, many gypsies began to populate…

Adventurous route through Monachil

Experience an adventurous route through Monachil! Do you want to enjoy an adventurous experience around Granada? Well, Monachil with the route of Cahorros is perfect for you. Contrary to popular belief, in and around Granada you can enjoy a variety of sporting activities. Have you ever heard of the route of the Cahorros del río…

Mirador of San Miguel Alto

The mirador of  San Miguel Alto: an unmissable sunset Do you want to visit Granada and don’t know which are the best places to go? Well, we’ll help you! Location Situated in front of the Ermita of San Miguel Alto, you will find the renowned Mirador de San Miguel Alto. It is the highest of…

Path through Granada: Pinos Genil

For those who like to do sport or take a walk with family or friends, the path from Granada to Pinos Genil is a valid option.

The route of the Gollizno

One of the most beautiful trails around Granada is the route of the Gollizno that can be chosen as a destination to enjoy some fresh air.

La Casa del desierto is Black Mirror’s new set!

We’ve got a new cinema province! The famous English series Black Mirror, broadcast by Netflix, has chosen la Casa del desierto, located in Gorafe (Granada), as the place where to set the new episodes of its fifth season. As many people know, Black Mirror is a science fiction series whose characteristics is the representation of…

Summer cultural activities in Granada

Do you want to study Spanigh in Granada during the summer? We’re going to offer you some of the best activities you can do here that will help you in Spanish learnig