Essential places in Granada

We present you a unique space in which we will show you essential corners of our land, places that in your visit to Granada you should visit, and that in many occasions, they do not appear in the usual guides.

In iNMSOL we like that visitors to our land appreciate every corner of Granada, both well known and less known places, but all of them with a unique charm. Keep reading these lines and fall in love with Granada.

Prepare your travel book and go scoring these essential places of Granada. And if you have any question or want to contribute in this guide, do not hesitate to contact us or leave your comment on our articles! We want to know your opinion!
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La Casa del desierto is Black Mirror’s new set!

We’ve got a new cinema province! The famous English series Black Mirror, broadcast by Netflix, has chosen la Casa del desierto, located in Gorafe (Granada), as the place where to set the new episodes of its fifth season. As many people know, Black Mirror is a science fiction series whose characteristics is the representation of…

Summer cultural activities in Granada

Do you want to study Spanigh in Granada during the summer? We’re going to offer you some of the best activities you can do here that will help you in Spanish learnig

The Alhambra and the Generalife

Granada would not be Granada without the Alhambra, the main monument that attracts thousands of tourists every day in this charming city.

Mirador de San Nicolás

One of the essential places you have to visit during your stay in Granada, whether in winter or summer, at night or day, is undoubtedly the viewpoint of San Nicolás.

Sacromonte Caves Museum

In the traditional gypsy neighborhood of Granada, thanks to the Sacromonte Caves Museum, you can learn more about what it was like to live in these cave-houses.

Corral del Carbón

In the Iberian Peninsula there is only one Nazari alhóndiga that has been preserved in its integrity. It is the Corral del Carbón of Granada. Currently located in the city centre, near the Alcaicería and the Cathedral, it is a building constructed during the Nasrid reign, in the 14th century, where under the name of…

Church and Royal Room of Santo Domingo

In the old Jewish quarter of Granada called Realejo, a few steps from our school, you can visit for free two very interesting sites that bear the name of Santo Domingo: the Church and the Royal Room.

Palacio de los Córdova

The Palacio de los Córdova is a building located on the Cuesta del Chapiz, in the fascinating neighborhood of Albaicín, the ancient nucleus of Muslim Granada, declared a World Heritage Site in 1984.