Some days ago, on the website of “Granada Hoy”, we’ve read a surprising news, and if you want to read more, here’s the link: ( ).

Anyway, we’re here to tell you this fantastic news. As you well know, the Instituto Mediterraneo Sol is a center officially recognized by the Instituto Cervantes. Now, the Cervantes institute becomes the ambassador of the “Universo Lorca” project, and the ambassador of Federico Garcia Lorca and his culture. The journalist said that “this will be a deal that allows us to get millions of people closer to Lorca and his world. At the same time, the province of Granada, that he loved so much and which owes much to this poet, it will have more visibility.”

So, the Cervantes Istitute will be the ambassador of Federico García Lorca, the well-known poet from Granada. Surely, this deal will help the spread of the “Universo Lorca” a cultural, educational and touristic project. Moreover, the reaction of the readers to this news has been very positive, for example a man said: “Everything that could help to get known Lorca is welcoming. Lorca is an inexhaustible source of ideas and projects”.


We’re very happy that this poet has been chosen, once again, as an example and symbolic figure of Spanish culture. We hope it has raised the same feeling on you. Thank you for dedicating your time to share with us this great news.