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The Spring Feast at the botellódromo!

Today, Friday the 20th of March, as every year, the youngsters, the students and the Erasmus people will gather at the botellódromo of Granada, the only one official in all Spain, to celebrate a party comparable for its importance to the university new year’s eve of Salamanca. Since the first time this feast was celebrated the maximum number of people attending it has been 23 thousands; this year it’s difficult to do better due to the bad weather conditions, but the organizers are sure there will be thousands of people welcoming spring.

To make this feast possible there are a few safety recommendations that all participants have to respect: first of all, it’s forbidden to bring glass bottles, so it’s necessary to fill some plastic bottles with the alcohol before entering the botellódromo; and, secondly, before leaving the facility, the organization asks you to collect the remains in a closed bag. These are essential requisites to keep celebrating the Spring Feast in the future.

To reach the botellódromo the easiest way is to take a bus SN2 from the international bus station, getting off at the stop number 9, which is only 400 meters far from the facility. The place of the celebrations is just behind the HIPERCOR mall and next to the motorway.

After welcoming spring there will be other parties in the city center to enjoy the nigh and to meet with friends. Let’s celebrate all together the fantastic Spring Feast, but without exaggerating with the alcoholics! Do not forget you don’t have to abuse alcohol!Botellódromo Granada Fiesta de Primavera

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