Like every week, this week iNMSOL also proposes a series of activities to make learning more stimulating and productive.

This week iNMSOL proposes:

MONDAY: at 4:00 pm – Walk through the center and Realejo

Students, accompanied by a guide, can walk through the center of Granada and the neighborhood of Realejo, the most important Jewish district.









The meeting point is the iNMSOL school

TUESDAY: at 4pm – Grammar workshop: all levels

Students, with this workshop, have the opportunity to deepen their own learning of Spanish grammar.

Place: iNMSOL school

WEDNESDAY: at 4:00 p.m. – Lexicon Workshop: all levels

Thanks to this workshop, students will be able to enrich their own Spanish language vocabulary

The workshop will take place at the iNMSOL school.

THURSDAY: at 4pm: Music workshop: musical references (all levels)

Place: iNMSOL

FRIDAY: at 3.30pm: cinema evening

the activity will take place at school

This week iNMSOL projects to SPEAK WITH HER (Pedro Almodóvar, 2002, 112 ‘)

Benigno, a sick man, and Marco, a mature writer, coincide in a show at Café Müller. Months later, the men meet again at the private clinic where Benigno works. The reunion between Marco and Benigno is the beginning of an intense friendship. Within the clinic, the life of four characters flows in all directions, past, present and future, dragging the four to an unsuspected destination. (FILMAFFINITY).


RUTA DEL QUIJOTE: December 01/-03 – Organize Viajes Invita.

The price of the tour is € 156 / person and includes: transportation, hotel PC, guides, HAM GIFT, WINE AND CHEESE and travel insurance.









FLAMENCO SHOW: Saturday, December 2

PRICE: € 23 / person

The price includes pick-up (round trip) from Mariana Pineda square + 1 drink


Registration and payment in the Secretariat on Monday at 2:30 p.m.!