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Changes for the students of Instituto Mediterráneo Sol

We welcome the month of March with some changes for the students of Instituto Mediterráneo Sol. It is about some improvements that we have set in motion and that undoubtly are going to help our students and improve our services. Here are the most important ones:

New Student’s Guide 2017

We have collected all the information that someone who comes to Granada may need and we made the Student’s Guide 2017. There have been some improvements based on the previous version and some extra information, in order not to miss a thing! In this new guide you can find detailed information about the following aspects:

  • General Information about the function of the school
  • Information about Granada
  • Information about the D.E.L.E. exams
  • Suggestions for a betterlearning of the E.L.E.
  • Requests and suggestions
  • Warning of privacy/consent of the data processing

Every student will receive via email the Student’s Guide before coming to Granada, in order to have all the information and be able to read it before the course starts. You will also have access to this guide in our school and a resume in our website, in the section Free Services.

New Students Needs Form

In addition to the general Student’s Needs Form, that already existed, we have designed two other more specific forms according to the type of course the student is registered.

– Needs for adolescents: it is directed to students between 13 and 17 years that have been registered to the Course for Adolescents.

– Needs for the students of the Individual Course: is directed to students (of every age) that have been registered to the Individual Course.

These forms must be completed aside with the language test, before the course starts. They will help the teachers to organize better their courses according to the real necessities of the students.

Study Room

If you need space to study all that you have learned in the class, iNMSOL offers you a studying room in the afternoon, where you can access from Monday to Friday between 15.00 and 18.00. The room has Wi-Fi, natural light and big tables, in addition to a computer available to the students.

Suggestions mailbox

We have always had a suggestion mailbox in our school, but we would like to remind it to our students in order to use it if necessary. We will always be willing to listen to all your requests!


We hope that all these changes help improve our services and help our students have the best experience during their Spanish course in Instituto Mediterráneo Sol.

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