Are you tired of the city and have no plans for this weekend? Don’t worry, we have the solution! Llano de la Perdiz.

A country getaway is what we need to relax and change our air. To be surrounded by nature, we advise you to go to the Llano de la Perdiz. The plan is to buy a sandwich, chips, a beer and a ball. It is a peri-urban park, in which you will not have the feeling of being in the city. To get to the top, put on comfortable shoes and bring a lot of water! It is a very pleasant ride, and you will not be disappointed. If you feel like it, you could have a barbecue, enjoy the day and if the weather is nice, sunbathe.  However, bear in mind that barbecue could become very dangerous. In fact, you should look at the weather conditions because, if they are not good, they can cause fires.


Where is it located?

The park is located within the Dehesa del Generalife. This wide expanse of vegetation has  predominant species as the holm oak, pine and aromatic scrub. Being at an altitude of 1013 meters, the temperature is very cool, so we recommend that you go in April or May to enjoy it the most. Throughout the area of the Llano de la Perdiz there is a sports circuit signposted and frequented mainly by runners and cyclists. The possibility of outdoor sports, in the middle of nature, so close to the city is one of the main attractions of this park.  It is also ideal to go with children as there are many recreational areas, a football court, playgrounds and a snack area.


How to walk to the Llano de la Perdiz?

It can be reached on foot , this path begins at Plaza Nueva and climbs through the Sacromonte. If you don’t feel like walking a lot, you can get on by car or, more easily, by bus. There is the C32 line from the center.



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