Don’t you know what to do on days when you don’t have Spanish class? If you want to spend a different Sunday, get away from the city and take advantage of a beautiful landscape, we suggest the path through Granada: Pinos Genil!

Pinos Genil

Pinos Genil

For those who like to do sport or take a walk with family or friends, the Path from Granada to Pinos Genil is an option available to everyone.

This trail through Granada is very simple to follow: it is suitable for everyone as its difficulty is very low.

Another advantage is that you just have to leave Granada city. A charming landscape will accompany you throughout the tour, which will make the tour very short.


Extended information

We have found some blogs where you can find detailed information about the route and the trail:

It is also a great option for cycling!


From iNMSOL we advise our students to walk this beautiful and easily accessible path.

Pinos Genil

Pinos Genil

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