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Summer cultural activities in Granada

During the summer, studying Spanish in Granada can be a great idea. Indeed, the city’s cultural agenda favors an environment in which studying is a good idea. In addition, some activities can help you to learn Spanish more easily. If you’re planning to study Spanish in Granada during the summer, we want to offer you some activities you can do:


Summer cinemas in Granada


Cinema lovers are very lucky. If you want to enjoy the outdoor cinema in Granada there are two places:

  • Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte: in one of the most emblematic areas of Granada, you can find the Museo delle Cuevas. Although it’s usually dedicated to the historical and cultural promotion of the neighborhood, cinema is one of the most successful activities. There, open-air films aretwisted film for photo or video recordingscreened 3 days a week. Many of these are projected in the original version with Spanish subtitles that’s a great way to improve your Spanish.


  • Centro Cultural Memoria de Andalucía: located at the other end of the city, but closer and more accessible to anyone. This space, owned by the Fundación CajaGranada is dedicated to the screening of the great successes in the cinema history.

The 15-20ºC will make you enjoy the movie at the perfect temperature.


Granada is a relatively big city. This relativity is even greater if we take into consideration that a substantial part of its inhabitants are students. During the summer, they usually get back to their hometowns and the local population remains in the city. South European people are traditionally open to the interchange of cultures and they will welcome you with open arms. Summer can be the best opportunity to get in touch with granadinos and learn from their culture. Don’t forget to go to Costa Tropical’s beaches and visit the mountains. Furthermore, in the Sierra Nevada it is possible to reach the top of the highest mountains thanks to the lack of snow in the summer.

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