Enjoy the earth where you are, it is possible for everyone. When we know the right places to pass time in the nature, we can get soaked of everything that makes this place very special. Now we show you some of the best places to go hiking in Granada.

Granada, land of dreams

This is a beautiful land. In this place not only the cultures are responsible for the cultural diversity. Also the kind of landscape. In short distance we can walk the path from the highest peak of the Iberian peninsula (Mulhacén, 3478 m) and the villages of the Alpujarra in Sierra Nevada to the Costa Tropical and her Mediterranean beaches.

The province is marked for an interesting orography. Sierra de Huétor, de la Alfaguara o Sierra Nevada are some of the mountain areas where a lot of Grenadian like getting lost. Surely, if you like sport in city too, you can do it. Also they exist ways to practice senderism in Granada’s city.

In the city

Walking in the nazari city is a great luxury. Furthermore, if you like losing yourself in the mountains where the city rises, you can do it too. Fuente del Avellano and cemetery’s way, the Llano de la Perdiz, the ascent to the Alhambra through the Realejo are some examples of it. Anyway, if you want to enjoy something more natural we recommend you walking from the Abadía del Sacromonte to San Miguel Alto crossing the mountains topping the Albaicín and Sacromonte.

The best places to go hiking in Granada

In the province

Vereda de la Estrella

This route, of about 25 km of distance, it is one of the most known in Sierra Nevada. Being used in the past as a road for the access to the mines, the difficulty is low, however, get ready for a long day of walking through the nature in the middle of Sierra Nevada.

Los Cahorros

It is the most known route in Granada. It is about 8 km of distance for a natural landscape truly enviable. The access from the city of Granada is very simple because it is situated about 10 km and the public communication is extensive.

                                                                              Río Dílar

To only 20 km from the city centre there is a perfect place to relax. It is “río Dílar” and the ride in a natural context with perfect places to relax in group too.

The best places to go hiking in Granada

                                                                             Ruta del Mamut

The Padul is 20 km from the city. The ruta del Mamut, 8 km of distance, it is circular and start in the centre of the country. The name of the road is linked to the fact that there were founded the rest of this animal. This way traverses the Padul lake, that in another moment it was responsible for the outbreak of malaria in Granada, hence the name of the place ( Padul derived from palud, the latin name for malaria).

The best places to go hiking in Granada