The Vueling company has been instructed to create four new connections with Granada’s Airport. From this December it will be possible to fly to/from Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Bilbao and Paris… Great news for the travel lovers!

Lovers reunion

Lovers of Granada like to consider it as a city in which love is the protagonist. And not love in general, but also the intensity of the feelings that went through our history. This kind of intensity is described with the symbol of fire in Literature. This fire represents the South. A fire that perfectly described Manuel de Falla.

Despite Paris has the honor to be considered the city of love, Granada has nothing to envy from it. They are both characterized by romantic and intimate features and this way they are really related to each other.

Five years ago Granada’s Airport lost its connections with all the airports of Paris, but again from this December the inhabitants of Granada will have the possibility to count on this connection.

A growing demand.

The last one who arrived at Granada “Federico García – Lorca” Airport has been EasyJet. Furthermore, last summer the British company created other two connections with Manchester and Milan.

Actually, this idea has not been so bad. During the month they added these two new connections, the number of passengers has increased of 20%.

conexiones en el aeropuerto de Granada

These numbers do not necessarily represent that the city is demographically growing. And it is not a necessity. The growth of the city is something marginal compared to the number of visitors which is increasing every year more.

Cheap flights.

From the other side it is not a surprise that companies such as Vueling and EasyJet have decided to open up a commercial market at Granada’s Airport. They are both low cost companies, which is an aspect closely related to young people and students that you can find in Granada.

More national connections.

Many of these tourists are Spanish, and it is logic that the strongest demand comes from inside the country. For this reason, three of these four new connections are national flights: Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Bilbao with its connection for Granada’s Airport.