For the Andalucians carnival is very important. It is due to the fact that they are people born from the cultural miscegenation. The carnival in Andalucía takes place in Cádiz and it can live in every city of the region. You can enjoy the carnival in Granada in 2018 in any celebration that the city offers.

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The origin of the carnival

The carnival is the most representative festivity of the Latins, considering Latins all the people that derive from the West Roman empire.

It has to be said that, somehow, the carnival holds its origin in Ancient Egypt. The ancient celebrations to the God Apis of the Egyptians were the first ones. The following roman celebrations to Lupercus and Bacchus followed the tradition. All these festivities are considered the precursors of the modern carnivals. Parties and processions to fertility, singings to love or simply a pretext to dress up and enjoy.

With the arrival of Christianism the carnival takes shape. It assumes its real name, which comes from the Latin carnem-levare, ‘remove the meat’. This is precisely something that the Church forbids at the beginning of the Lent (40 days before the Holy Week), when carnival is celebrated.

The Cádiz carnival and its historical importance

It is in Cádiz where the carnival gained its major importance, and this is due to the fact that it has been a connection between the Mediterranean villages. All the populations that made their way through the city (Phoenicians, Greeks, Turkishs, Romans and Catholics among others), make up their celebrations according to the Cádiz one. All the countries of South Europe and North Africa took part in the history of the carnival.

Nowadays, the carnival is famous in many countries thanks to the carnival of Cádiz. The Andalucians, who have predominantly been the settlers of Latin America, celebrated there their carnival. And in each one of the countries it reached, it developed in a different way. This makes that the Falla theatre, seat of the carnivals’ father, look at his children with satisfaction.

Carnival in Granada

Granada, the city of the young parties, also celebrates its carnival.

In Andalucía exist different offers to enjoy the jokes, troupes and choirs. All these singings are the ones who define the Andalucians’ carnival. Besides, behind culture there is the party, the costume spirit and happiness.

In Granada there are a lot of costume parties to celebrate the carnival of February. In Almuñécar, for example, there is a carnival organized by the local government. This carnival brings together neighbours and tourists enjoying the party in the streets.