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Winter with iNMSOL in Granada

Winter is coming and from iNMSOL we want to highlight everything that Granada offers you at this time of year. Although winter does not officially begin until December 21, in Granada it is already being noticed! Temperatures begin to drop, it snows in Sierra Nevada, the days are shorter … and we love it! We like summer, of course, but winter has a lot of good things too. Do you want to know which ones?

iNMSOL does not close on Christmas!

In general, school periods usually have a break during the Christmas holidays. For our Spanish school, iNMSOL, this is not the case. Our students will be able to continue their courses normally during the month of December. And if you are not yet an iNMSOL student, sign up for our Christmas courses! I’m sure that for work or studies you have a break in December: what better way to take advantage of it to improve your Spanish?


Present of Spanish course


Our Spanish courses are available in person and online, we can adapt to your situation! Another option that we propose is to buy a course for someone else. If you want to be creative this Christmas, give Spanish away! We help you make it a surprise.



The city of Granada and its surroundings in December

We are lucky to be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And this does not change in winter! The light is special also during this time of year. Snowfall and low temperatures in the mountains give us
a beautiful picture: The Alhambra with Sierra Nevada in the background … Just awesome!


Winter in Granada with iNNSOL

But there are more things to do…


Christmas lighting 2020

Last weekend the 2020 Christmas lighting was inaugurated in Granada. The city is already prepared for Christmas, and if you walk through the center you will notice it. This year, as we all know, the COVID restrictions force us to be cautious with our outings. From iNMSOL we ask you to be responsible, and leave only when necessary, respecting safety regulations. Thanks to that, in our essential outings, we will feel that it is a special time!


Alumbrado navideño 2020

Ski slopes of Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada ski resort is one of the most important in Spain. The 2020/21 season was scheduled to open in November, although it has been postponed until the health emergency situation allows it. During the last days it has snowed a lot, the accesses have been modernized and we hope that the ski slopes can be opened very soon.

Be aware! iNMSOL offers Spanish courses adapted to ski lovers: with free days of class and discounts on equipment rental. Get informed!

Safe leisure options

We know that it is a rare time and in which it seems that we can not do any activity, but it is not like that. There are many insurance plans, among which we highlight:

These places of interest just reopened their doors. All of them will have limited capacity to comply with security measures and hygiene, and will also have restricted opening hours.

Know the olive harvest: the olive oil

Do you know that Andalusia is the largest olive oil producing region? The olives, which is the fruit from which olive oil is obtained, are harvested at this time of year. And Granada is one of the Andalusian provinces in which this food is produced.

In the surroundings of Granada you will find extensive areas of this crop, and surely people working on its collection. Strolling through the countryside without crowds, knowing our olive groves, is a healthy and safe activity that we recommend. It is something curious that we invite you to know, for example, through this video:




Do you think good plans? Contact us and book your Spanish course at iNMSOL in winter … we are waiting for you!

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