If you are already in Granada and have visited the whole city, you should know that the surprises and sights do not end there. Granada is a charming city. At the same time, it is surrounded by beautiful villages to see.


This pretty village will be one of the best visits near Granada. It is located only 70 km from the city of Granada. This is about 50 minutes by car. The most striking feature of this pretty village on the Costa Tropical is its huge castle. It is located on top of the rocky massif. The castle was used as a royal prison during the Nasrid period; it is a 10th century Moorish castle. If you want to spend the day at the beach, we recommend you to go to Cala Caletón. It is very easy to reach and does not leave you indifferent. It is actually located in La Caleta, a small village two minutes from Salobreña. Once in the Plaza del Lavadero, on the far right hand side of the square, there is a small stone path. Follow it to the end and you will reach this cove.




It is a typical coastal village. Almuñecar is a pleasant place to spend a holiday. It is only 80 km from Granada, one of the most visited destinations on the Costa Tropical. An ancient Phoenician, Roman and Arabic land. For this reason, it has points of real historical interest, such as the Castle of San Miguel, a fortress dating from the Muslim period; the Roman aqueduct of Sexi; the Parque del Majuelo, where the Phoenicians created a garum factory; or the Peñón del Santo, where King Abderramán I landed for the first time in the year 755. Almuñécar’s climate is always mild and subtropical and the most impressive thing is its sea, which hides precious treasures in the cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo, and which invites diving enthusiasts to discover all that lies beneath the waters from the beaches of La Herradura and Punta de la Mona.



The Alpujarra is not a region. It is divided into the area of Almería and the area of Granada. Formed by 25 municipalities and covered by the Sierra Nevada, it is one of the best destinations near Granada. It impresses with its beautiful landscape with whitewashed villages. The traces of the Berbers persist. The villages are so beautiful. It is possible to visit them all by car. They owe the appearance of their villages to the Muslims who conquered this area. With the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs, the Moors had to flee. So they settled on this side of the Sierra Nevada. The last king, Boabdil, had to leave the Alhambra and spend his last period here. They preserved their culture and their roots. They adapted to the geographical difficulties by creating the dwellings in which they would live. Philip II sent Don Juan de Austria to expel them.



This beautiful place is only 50 km from the city of Granada. It is characterised by its location under a rocky outcrop. Right here you will find a Moorish fortress and the Iglesia de la Villa. The village was very important. It was reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1486. From this village you can reach the Peña de los Gitanos, a beautiful natural spot that hides archaeological sites with Neolithic dolmens.

Photo of Montefrío


It is located in the region of Alhama. To the north of the Sierra de la Almijara, 52 km from Granada. It is one of the places near Granada where you can enjoy sports and leisure activities. The town centre was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1884 and was rebuilt at the end of the same century. The most beautiful in our opinion are the surroundings of the lake and the lake itself. Here you can enjoy many activities.

Arena del Rey

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