Granada is full of magic for Christmas

Walking for Granada streets, looking Light installations and attractions, you begin to breathe Christmas air. In fact, we are very close to the lights switch-on and the town hall is letting us know the exact date.  Will be from 2th December, with the start of the long weekend, and to  6th January 2023, Granada will light up.

This year, will be a reduction of one hour to contribute to contribute to energy savings. So they will be on until 00.00, except for Friday, Saturday and eve holidays until 2.00.

However, for all citizens and tourists, walking for the streets will be an amazing experience. Not a single corner or neighbourhood in the city will be left without light!

Christmas lights

Christmas lights in Granada

The main points of light in the city

  • Avenida de Constitución, with a lighting in 15 trees and a snowflake ball that extends to the area of Caleta, where there is a 3D pine with colored circles 8 meters high and three figures of the Three Wise Men 2.5 meters high each.
  • In Plaza del Carmen, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm it will be possible to assist at sounds and light show. We’ll listen three songs: Mariah Carey, Lori Meyers y Elvis Crespo. Every balcony with LED lights and a dome with 80-90 centimeters ball motifs and 1.5 meters LED curtains, will fill out the Plaza.
  • To keep the memory of the magic alive for both adults and children, Christmas images and attractions will be presented in the main areas of the city. Walking for Calle de la Virgen, you’ll find craft market, figures like Christmas package, a 5-metre-high bear and a ball with a seat. In addition, the whole street will be crowned by arches.
  • In Fuente de las Batallas, there’s a 20-metre-high 3D pine tree and a four-metre high ground ball. In Paseo del Salón what will be called “Snow city” will be in operation: A snowy mountain-like toboggan run and a forest with self-propelled characters like a giant snowman.
  • Plaza Bib-rambla too will become an area to let the citizens have fun. Citizens will be able to enjoy an ice rink, as well as the traditional street market. This track is 435 square meters, 29 meters x 15 meters, and like the rest of the attractions will have a schedule: The school days 16:00 hours to 22:00 hours ( Until 22 Dec) Weekends, holidays and Christmas also morning between 10:00 and 14:00. And from December 22 to January 8 from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 22:00. The square will also be lit by lights with fir motifs, snowman and a Santa.
  • Finally, in the center, Puerta Real will crowned for circular motifs and 3 an 4 high three light cones and Ángel Ganivet street will light up for arches and homes and stars motifs.
Christmas package

Christmas package in Calle de la Virgen

Plaza Bib Rmbla

Christmas lights in Plaza Bib Rmbla

So, there are a lot of opportunities to do to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere that Granada has to offers!

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