Instituto Mediterráneo Sol informs all its users that the DELE exam scores of April 2018 have already been published. Instituto Cervantes has made it official, so all candidates can know if they have passed their exam.

How to see the exam note

The results of the DELE are confidential. This means that each candidate must check its note individually, since it is private information.

Candidates who have given their email correctly will have received an email with an attachment with their note. It is also possible to download the document with the note from your personal area on the official website:

It will be necessary to access with your email and password, and look for the section “Mis certificaciones” in “Mi perfil”. There will appear all the exams to which the candidate has submitted, along with the note and the possibility of downloading a provisional certificate or to ask for the review.


What to do if you have failed the DELE exam

If the mark of your exam is NOT SUITABLE, it means that you have not passed the exam. If the candidate did not perform any of the tests, the mark will be NOT PRESENTED, which has the same value as NOT SUITABLE. There are two options: enroll in a new exam (you must pay the exam fees again), or request review of the exam. If you decide to request the review, they will re-correct your exam in case of any failure.

You can request the review from today, May the 29th, until June the 28th, 2018. You can request the review from your personal area at:


Do I need a printed DELE certificate?

The document that can be downloaded from the web, following the previous procedure, is valid for any administrative procedure. It is possible to use it for any management until we receive the official diploma.

In a few months, iNMSOL will receive the original printed certificates. From that time, we will contact each candidate to inform and to specify a form of collection. If you still live in Granada, you only have to pick it up at school. If you live outside the province of Granada we will take note of the new address and send it by postal mail.


We wish you good luck!