It starts a new period of DELE examination and in the Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we are already preparing to offer all the calls and the best preparation you can have. We are DELE Examination and preparation Centre with a great experience. Our teachers are DELE examiners and they will help you to get the highest score in your exam.


2019 DELE Exam Dates

This year there will be 7 calls, here you can see the dates of the celebration of the writing (the speaking can be in a different day compared with that of the call):



IMPORTANT: it’s necessary consider the date of registration for every call. If the registration deadline has already finished, even for a day, it will be not possible register the inscription.


The inscription and the payment of the exams have to be done through the official web:

Contact us if you have not clear how to do or we have to help you in the process of the inscription on the web.







Preparation courses for every level

Being an Examination Centre and having the best native teachers, we recommend you to inscribe in a preparatory course before you do your exam.

Although as candidate you have a really good Spanish level, it will help you know deeply every parts and the structure of these exams. So we will avoid stress for lack of time, for example, or will correct your frequent doubts.

In iNMSOL we will offer preparatory courses for the preparation of the DELE (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language), and the familiarization with the 4 parts of the exam. It’s about Spanish courses of 2 or 4 classes every day, specifically focused on the 4 tests of the exam:

  • 1 listening
  • 2 speaking
  • 3 reading
  • 4 writing

It’s necessary you have or are very closed to the DELE level you want to approve. If not, the school or the teacher will inform you of the right level.

Price for more weeks:

  1. DELE Preparatory Course (2 classes/day, 10 classes/week), 1 week = 195€
  2. DELE Preparatory Course (2 classes/day, 10 classes/week), 2 weeks = 315€
  3. DELE Preparatory Course (2 classes/day, 10 classes/week), 3 weeks = 435€
  4. DELE Preparatory Course (2 classes/day, 10 classes/week), 4 weeks = 555€

*Extension= 120€ for week

For offering the courses of 4 classes/day we need a minimum of enrolled students in the same course, dates and level. In the case we have only 1 student, we equally offer the course but applying our terms and conditions. For this reason, if you come alone we suggest you choose for the course of 2 classes/day, or for individual classes, and you can combine it with a grammar or conversation course and  its vocabulary.


Specific preparation courses for A2 level (Nationality)

Do you need a DELE A2 certificate for your case of nationality? If you think you haven’t mastered every parts of the exam yet, we can help you. In Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we offer preparatory courses especially indicated for the A2 level, that is necessary for the obtaining of Spanish nationality.


You can practice and study the different parts of the DELE A2 test. In addition, we offer you a special price if you are processing your Spanish nationality: 150€ for a week (10 hours of course in total). These courses will take place coinciding with the week of each DELE call.

Well, don’t hesitate to ask info you need and do your preparation with us!