One more year, the main cultural spots of Granada will be hosting the International Festival of Music and Dance 2015. It is a unique opportunity to get to visit the amazing Nazrid renaissance and romantic architecture: the Nazrid palaces and centennial gardens of the Alhambra in Granada are this Festival’s most impressive sign of identity, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy these performances from a privileged seat.

This festival has its origins on the symphonic concerts played from 1883 in Carlos V’s Palace, and also on the cante jondo contest organized by Lorca, Falla and other Spanish intellectuals on 1915.

From tomorrow, 19th June 2015, until the 10th July 2015, you will be able to attend to several spectacles performed by famous artists: Víctor Ullate or Ballet of the Vienna State Opera, among others. Although one of the most expected shows will be performed by la Fura dels Baus, as they were in charge of making a new version of El Amor Brujo, created by Manuel de Falla, due to its centennial celebration (it was played for the first time on 1915).

So go and enjoy! And tell us your experience.

“Granada se llena de la magia de la música y la danza… ”

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