From the  Lanjarón turism office

 “We invit you to do a break in the time, put your imagination in action and move the next days in what was the cradle of the three cultures, muslim, jewishandchristian. We revive our ancestors times and what the best if not going to Lanjarón to remember those times? The Azocaque area (arab’s souk) surroundings mercants meeting point which flow with all its colours since the old mezquita.

This year, the 14, 15, 16 of august, Lanjaron will be the place of this past so rich. Remake the past always was unavoidable, play with the time in order to imagine the past world and the actual. A few stages are appropriate to do it, like Lanjaron, with its streets,  its tinaos, but also it own written history,  make that those days, the three cultures will fill our streets.

You will find some clowns, gentlemen, blinds, beggars, crafties and especially actors, musicians, dancers, snake charmers and some silk workshop. Craftsman with their owns workshops, goldsmith, potter, herb… We will visit the arabs teterias, every style of tavern and we will taste their meats. We want Lanjaron to become famous and duplicate the number of visitors all over the year.
All of this, you will be able to see it during the first market of the three cultures, the Azocaque area, on the 14, 15 and 16 of august 2010.
We invit you to this great event and are sure you are going to spend an unforgettable night.

You are all welcome!!!!

Mariano Rúiz Rodríguez                             Ana Mª Rosillo Rodríguez
Alcalde de Lanjarón                                       Concejala de turismo