Finally! Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, as an official DELE examination centre, is glad to confirm that all the DELE exam results for July 2018 have already been published by  Instituto Cervantes, sooner than we expected!

We would like to give you very important information when reviewing your qualifications:

  • In case you have not passed the exam, it is possible to request a review of the exam. The deadline for requesting the review began on August 23, and will end on September 21. When requesting a review of your exam, it will be corrected again.
  • If you have given your email when registering for the exam, you will have received an email with the document with your qualification. It is also possible, for all candidates, to login the official website of the DELE exams ( you must use your email and password, and access your private space. Once you are logged in, you will find the qualification in “My profile”, and “My inscriptions”. You can print that document as many times as you like, and it serves as the official certificate for any procedure that you might need.
  • Candidates who have not passed the exam or have not taken the exam who wish to request a review of their qualifications must send their application through the electronic form provided in their private space on the Instituto Cervantes official website.
  • Requests for review of those candidates who have passed the exam, will be processed through the CAU and manual registration in SICIC, through communication to Certification Managers.

We are happy to confirm that more than 85% of our students have passed this exam, congratulations to everyone!

For any additional information, contact