We inform you that the marks of the DELE exam of February 2018 have been published.

The revision period starts today 20/03/2018 and will end the 20/04/2018.

The candidates that recorded their email at the moment of registration should have received, together with the communication email, the file of their marks certification. All the DELE candidates can login in their private page on the Exámenes del Instituto Cervantes website (https://examenes.cervantes.es/es/usuario/inicio-sesion).

The candidates NO APTO or NOT submitted that ask for their marks revision have to send their application through the online form on their private page of the Exámenes del Instituto Cervantes website.

The revision applications of the APTOS candidates will be processed through CAU and SICIC.

Please, for every doubt contact with us at: https://cauic.cervantes.es