Notice to students who took the DELE in September! The results of the DELE exams for September 2021 are already published.


We inform you that the qualifications of the DELE call for September 2021 have already been published. Candidates have received notification that their qualifications are available in their personal space on the portal. The Instituto Cervantes has already corrected and published the grades, have you already looked at yours? Visit us at iNMSOL with your identity document if you want to know your qualification.

DELE septiembre 2021


Review and information deadlines

Next, we provide you with the following important information:

  1. The qualification review period began on 11/30/2021 and will end on 12/30/2021.
  2. Candidates who have provided their email address at the time of registration will have received their certificate. All DELE candidates can access their digital certificate in their private space of the Cervantes Institute Exams portal: Iniciar sesión | Exámenes – Instituto Cervantes.
  3. Unsuitable or Non-Presented candidates who want to request a qualification review must send their request through the electronic form enabled in their private space of the Cervantes Institute Exams portal.

Calls in 2022

In addition, we inform you that the dates for the DELE 2022 exams are already available. Here you can find detailed information about the calls for 2022.

iNMSOL is at your disposal for any questions about the results of the DELE exams.

2 Comments » for DELE exam results for September 2021
  1. Jonathan says:

    I took the exam in September 10 in Madrid, I am currently traveling in Africa and I cannot access my email.
    Can you please access my result and forward same to me please ?

    • Rocio Martínez says:

      Hi Jonathan
      You must contact your test center and they will inform you how to obtain your result. We do not have access.
      Best regards.

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