The results of the July 2019 DELE exam have already come out!

iNMSOL informs you that the qualifications of the July 2019 call have just been published. We will explain how to consult them.

The review of grades began on Friday 08/30/2019, and will end on Sunday 09/29/2019.

All candidates who entered their email at the time of registration will have received the electronic file of their certification of qualifications. You can access your own electronic certification of qualifications with certifying value in your private space of the Exams portal of the Cervantes Institute.

Candidates NOT SUITABLE or NOT PRESENTED who wish to request review of qualifications must submit their application through the electronic form enabled in their private space of the Cervantes Institute Exams portal.

SUITABLE candidate review applications will be processed through the CAU and manual registration in SICIC, by communication to Certification Managers.


results of the July 2019 DELE exam

If you have any questions, you can consult the page of the Exams portal of the Institute Cervantes under the heading with the information related to the review procedure.

Congratulations to all who have passed!

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