Their Majesties have announced their arrival in Granada on Wednesday January 5 to give gifts to children from Granada. This year as in previous editions, will provide live the trip of the retinue of the Magi by the city of Granada by TG7 signal.


The broadcast on live will begin promptly at 18.00 pm to meet with the Kings after leaving the Gran Capitán at 17.30.

The royal procession will pass through the San Juan de Dios street, and continue along Gran Via, Reyes Católicos, Puerta Real, Acera del Casino (down on the road right), Carrera de la Virgen, Acera del Casino (by side of the theater Isabel la Católica), Puerta Real, Reyes Catolicos, to reach the Plaza del Carmen. 

The Kings, led by the Eastern Star, will be accompanied by a brass band, six coaches and 95 components. The procession will consist of 20 floats and a procession of more than a thousand people, who distributed more than 16,000 kilos of sweets.

The tour and the live broadcast will end around 22.30 pm in the Plaza del Carmen, where the traditional goblin Fermín submit them to the audience. Later there will be a fireworks display.



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