Hi and Merry Christmas to all! We continue talking about the most popular traditions during Christmas. It is the turn of the celebration of All Fools’ Day in Spain, it is very curious! This celebration is the same as the April’s Fools Day in some other countries.

History of the Innocent Saints (All Fools)

Like almost all celebrations of this time of year, the story of the Holy Innocents is based on a biblical episode of the Christian religion. Although it is a fable – something that did not really happen – it is said that on December 28 of year 0, the year of Christ’s birth, Herod (King of Israel) ordered to kill all children under 2 years of Bethlehem, in retaliation for not find the newborn Jesus. Despite the virulence with which he acted, there were survivors who, thanks to the picaresque of their parents, managed to circumvent the persecution of the army and survive. So that is the fact that set off the jokes tradition.You will find more historical information in previous posts.

All Fool’s Day Celebration

Currently, December 28 is a day in which all kinds of jokes are done. It is an excuse to deceive the most naive ones and laugh at their expense.

The most basic joke is to stick the silhouette of a paper dummy on the back of people in secret, and see how much time passes until they realize they are wearing it.


On the other hand, the press and the media in general publish false news on this day, which would be very surprising if they were real, taking advantage of current issues.

It is also very typical that public television broadcasts a special gala, in which the jokes that have been spent during the year to celebrities are seen.

Whatever the joke is, the essential thing is to give or hang a white dummy to whom the joke is spent, and yell at him … innocent!