If you are spending Christmas in Spain you will surely see that television is loaded with advertising. Between toys and perfumes there is still space for some spots that are worth watching. From Instituto Mediterráneo Sol we want to compile some of the most important Spanish Christmas commercials this year.

Christmas spots have become a Christmas tradition, and brands compete to make the most creative, most emotional or most viral commercial, so you can not miss them!

Here you are a list of the most relevant Christmas commercials, divided by brands.


It is a Spanish liquor brand that has turned its Christmas ad into a viral video across the country. As we say in Spain … has hit the bell! In this age of social networks, Ruavieja has made an emotional video to claim human and personal contact with our loved ones. Here you have the video entitled “Tenemos que vernos más” (We must meet more):


Campofrío is a company of meat products of considerable antiquity, that improved its advertising actions and started publishing very creative and striking commercials since a few years ago. If you know something about cinema and television in our country, you will recognize the majority of actors and actresses who participate in these ads. It is worth seeing, in addition to this year’s, those of previous years … they are great! The one of 2018 is entitled “The LOL store”, have a look:

And some previous campaigns that we recommend:

2017: “Amodio”

2015: “Despertar”

Lotería de Navidad (Christmas Lottery)

We could say that the Christmas Lottery (click here for more information about the Lotería de Navidad), together with Freixenet, it is “guilty” that each year at this time we wait anxiously to see on television what Christmas commercial they have prepared. It is so the commercial that gives the kick-off to Christmas in Spain. Here is the one for this year, 2018:

And if you cick on the following link you will find more Lottery commercials of recent years, which one do you like the most?:



Freixenet is a Catalan sparkling white wine brand that, like the Lottery, has been doing special Christmas ads for many years. We can say that their commercials have been losing relevance and quality, but they are still importan. Have a look to this year’s ad:

Universidad de Granada

And we end with a video that touches us more closely. This is the Christmas greeting that the University of Granada has prepared. This video will not be shown on television, but it is available on YouTube. It is a version of the famous song by Miguel Ríos I return to Granada. It is interpreted by the Orchestra of the University of Granada, Mariola Cantarero, Marina Heredia and José Antonio García (singer of 091), all of them born in Granada. In the video, which we have already shared on our Facebook page, there are many images of the city … we dedicate it to the most nostalgic ones!:

We are waiting your comments! Which one you liked most? And if in your country there are these types of commercials … share them with us!

Merry Christmas!