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The Day of the Cross Granada 2024

The Day of the Cross: What is it and when is it celebrated?

Discover the fascinating fusion of the sacred and the profane in one of Granada’s most entrenched traditions: The Day of the Cross. The cobbled streets of the Albaicín and the Realejo dress every 3rd of May, not with fairground costumes, but with the very essence of Granada’s culture. The Day of the Cross, dating back to the 17th century, is much more than a religious celebration; it is a mixture of traditions, music, dance, and craftsmanship that encapsulates the soul of the city.

Cross Day 2024 sign

A religious legacy transcending centuries

Although Roman rites of adoration to the Cross of Christ trace back its origins, The Day of the Cross in Granada has evolved over time, blending the religious with the pagan. May 3rd marks the day of the finding of the cross on which Jesus was crucified, but for Granadinos, it’s also a moment to celebrate the identity and community spirit that characterizes their city.

Cross Day tradition

Art in every corner: an explosion of color and tradition

From early morning, local elements such as marquetry, Granada ceramics, and the typical geraniums of Andalusian patios bring these ephemeral works of art to life, adorning the streets, squares, and courtyards with exquisitely decorated crosses. But beyond the aesthetics, each cross tells a story, a story of dedication and passion to keep an ancestral tradition alive.

The parade of culture: from La Reja to Sevillanas

The sound of castanets and heel tapping echoing in the narrow streets of the Albaicín becomes the soundtrack of the Day of the Cross. Although La Reja, the popular Granadian song, still finds its space, Sevillanas have gained ground, accompanied by the rhythm of horsemen traversing the streets and the colorful flamenco dresses dancing to the beat.

Dancers and singers Cross Day in Granada

A contest of creativity and devotion

The Granada City Council organizes a contest that brings to life friendly competition among neighbors and merchants. From the crosses adorning streets and squares to those crafted by schoolchildren, each one tells its own story and reflects the pride of belonging to this land. This year, about 50 crosses are expected to adorn the city, each with its own charm and personality.

A Friday inviting celebration

Although May 3rd falls on a Friday and many will have to attend to their work responsibilities, in Granada, there’s an unwritten agreement: what’s important is not to miss this unique celebration. The queues in front of the most emblematic crosses, such as the one in the Corrala de Santiago, bear witness to the devotion and enthusiasm that this festivity arouses.

The day of the Cross in Granada is more than a tradition; it is a symbol of identity and a display of the cultural richness that defines this city. In every detail, in every dance, one finds the vibrant and welcoming spirit of its inhabitants, ready to share their love for history and tradition with the whole world.

From iNMSOL we invite to all our students to visit and enjoy this celebration in our city!


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