Two weeks ago (18/4/2017 – 30/4/2017) we had the pleasure to host a group of Italian students from Trento, accompanied by 2 teachers. The students attended an intensive Spanish course on Tourism and had the opportunity to visit our beautiful city through different excursions and guided tours.

Given that the group stayed for two weeks, we tried to take advantage of every day, visiting the best places in the city. So, after taking a siesta in order to fill our batteries, we were ready to explore different parts of the city with our young Italian friends.

On their first day at the school they took their classes and afterwards they walked through the centre and Realejo, the Jewish neighbourhood of Granada and one of the most beautiful of the whole city. With its beautiful houses and its big and green squares, Realejo is the unique place to take a walk and admire the architecture. Moreover, it is said that the best tapas bars are located in this neighbourhood. So, don´t miss visiting it when in Granada!

The next day, a walk through the streets of Albaicin seemed necessary. The beauty of these places is remarkable and every time enchants all the students who come here with us.

The fact that there is a small village so close to the city centre, embracing a different culture and way of life, makes Granada unique. The Albaicin was the Muslim neighbourhood in the city and the river Darro separates it from the Alhambra.

After that we returned to Realejo to take the graffiti tour. This neighbourhood is famous for its graffiti and art wise can be easily compared to the ones in London. Realejo is full of the work of the renowned artist, el Niño de las Pinturas.

As the students had a course on tourism, it felt necessary to give a visit to the Federation of Tourism and Hotel Management in Granada and collect information about this sector.

On the weekend we took advantage of the good weather and had a trip to Seville, the capital of Andalusia. On Sunday, the group had a free day to enjoy the beauty of the city and take a relaxing walk.

The second week we carried on with the activities visiting the Tourism Board in order to get more information about this business sector.

Next, the Italian students had a cultural workshop followed and completed by a visit to the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo.

We also took part in a different route, following Gran Via until the Constitution Avenue. There we had a quiz involving the statues appearing along the avenue. Great personalities of Spain sit on the benches and stand on the sidewalk, adding to the culture and history of Granada.

Of course we couldn´t leave our students leave Granada without seeing the landmark of the city, the Alhambra palace and the gardens of Generalife. The Moorish palace is one of the most famous monuments in Europe and for many the diamond of Andalucía.

Nobody leaves untouched of the Arabic influence that exists everywhere in Andalusia. A visit in the Alhambra and Generalife, that takes you about 4 hours to complete, immerses you in the past, giving you an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, the gardens of Generalife are offering you a magical view like paradise, which you will not want to leave behind.

After another free day in the city, on Sunday we said goodbye to our Italian friends.

It has been a great experience having you with us, as always! We wish you all the best! And above all we want you to come back to Granada very soon!

Ci vediamo presto!